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WordPress (PHP, HTML, CSS)


The program will help learners unlock the power of WordPress and go beyond “just a blog platform” by learning how to code completely custom WordPress-powered sites. The program will provide learners with the skills and best practice approach required to successfully create and run a website.

The program will give the learners an overview of PHP and how it is used for WordPress programming and creating themes and plugins. It will also help learners create a PHP file and use it to output HTML.

The curriculum is split into 50 steps incorporating 44 imperative WordPress Modules, followed by 4 Masterclasses. The program includes 2 Capstone Projects (1 individual and 1 group) with 2 Super Specialization Badges.

Program Highlights
  • E-Learning: Access to great tools, video content, assessments etc.
  • Trainer: Learn from experienced industry experts
  • Live Projects: Hands-on experience with industry projects amid the training
  • Certification: Certificate upon successful completion of the program from Skill Universe
  • Certificates from the industry leaders such as Google and Facebook

Interested ?

To know more about the program, methodology and customizations connect with us.