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Master of Web Technology


Web Technology is more than just web pages, and this program gives the learner hands-on experience in creating, coding and engaging in an expansive view of the trends and technologies driving the web today. This media-rich program provides learners with an engaging project-based learning experience in the breadth of web technologies.

The program will support learners with the knowledge and skills enabling them to succeed in a technology-driven society and career pathway.

The curriculum is split into 110 steps incorporating 100 imperative Web Technology Modules, followed by 8 Masterclasses. The program includes 2 Capstone Projects (1 individual and 1 group) with 4 Super Specialization Badges.

Program Highlights

✔ Trainer: Learn from experienced industry mentors
✔ Internship: Internship with Skill Universe or partner firms
✔ Live Projects: Hands-on experience with industry projects amid the training
✔ Certification: Certificate upon successful completion of the program from Skill Universe
✔ Certificate from the industry leaders such as Google and Facebook

Interested ?

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