Full Stack Developer


Provide your students with authentic industrial exposure by gaining an in-depth understanding of theoretical as well as practical aspects of web development with a professional certificate from Skill Universe. The goal of the Full Stack Developer Program at Skill Universe is to equip learners with the unique skills they need to build database-backed APIs and web applications.

Throughout this program, the learners will gain in-demand skills such as advanced database applications, advanced cloud applications, installing applications etc. The program is specially designed by industry leaders and apt for students.

The curriculum is split into 100 steps incorporating 70 imperative Full Stack Development Modules, 20 Business Skills Modules followed by 8 Masterclasses. The program includes 2 Capstone Projects (1 individual and 1 group) with 4 Super Specialization Badges.

Program Highlights

✔ E-Learning: Access to great tools, video content, assessments etc.
✔ Trainer: Learn from experienced industry experts
✔ Internship: Internship to gain experiential knowledge of the Full Stack developer Course
✔ Live Projects: Hands-on experience with industry projects amid the training
✔ Certification: Certificate upon successful completion of the program from Skill Universe
✔ Certificate from the industry leaders such as Google and Facebook

Interested ?

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