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Digital Entrepreneurship


Unleash the entrepreneurial expertise to build your own business, launch your enterprise and secure success! The program provides the learners with knowledge and skills in digital entrepreneurship and the development of digital products and services. The program helps learners to refine business ideas to exploit potential market opportunities.

The program enables learners to learn all the phases of digital entrepreneurship from scratch right from an idea of a start-up to financing and commercialization based on the Lean Startup methodology.

The curriculum is split into 60 sections incorporating 54 imperative Digital Entrepreneurship Modules, followed by 4 Masterclasses. The program includes 2 Capstone Projects (1 individual and 1 group) with 2 Super Specialization Badges.

Program Highlights
  • Trainer: Learn from experienced industry mentors
  • Internship: Internship with Skill Universe or partner firm
  • Live Projects: Hands-on experience with industry projects amid the training
  • Certification: Earn a digital certificate upon successful completion of the program from Skill Universe
  • Certificate from the industry leaders such as Google and Facebook

Interested ?

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